To Accelerate Collaborative
Research in Life Sciences

Life science research is a highly collaborative process. To maximise the impact of research projects, organisations need to be able to share data in a way that ensures security and enables advanced analytics.

Up until recently, sharing research data used to be a complex task with various challenges around hosting, access, maintenance and, last but not least, billing and cost sharing.
Now, due to the latest developments in cloud and data technology, researchers can build Trusted Research Environments (TREs) on the cloud. Snowflake Data Cloud’s cutting-edge capabilities empower researchers to build TREs that meet all ethical and policy requirements around security, efficiency and budget optimisation.

Paired with reliable guidance of industry experts, TRE technology has immense implications for life sciences. Infrastructure that used to take 2 years and significant resources to build now takes 30 minutes to set up.
Institutions are now able to retain full patient confidentiality, ensure scientific integrity, optimise their budgets and most importantly – focus on research.

This white paper, delivered by Snowflake and data consultancy Infinite Lambda, highlights how building a TRE on the cloud can simplify and accelerate collaborative research.

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